"There is a good little story behind the collection. The river is in Arnhem Land, Steven and I were told not to walk the 12 km from the roads end camp to the river by the natives. They told us the Lightening Sisters would take us away to the North and we would be lost. They also advised that Buffalo would get us before the Lightening sisters. Steve showed them a small handheld GPS and said this was magic to keep the Lightening sisters away. Bruce and Victor were very worried when we went. We walked and fished most of the night returning to camp about 4 am with the fish pictured. The natives apparently sat up all night worried and did not go to bed until they saw our lights returning over the hill near camp. They did not speak to us for 2 days, when they finally did they asked about the magic in the GPS. Victor later came into Darwin a few months later and I took him to the Camping Shop and he bought a GPS. I advised him to get the youngsters from the Gapoweak School to show him how to make the magic work." - Dave Wilson

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