Genera of Rainbowfish

Recent evidence suggests Cairnsichthys and Rhadinocentrus may be closer to Madagascan Bedotia and Rheocles then they are to other Australian rainbowfish.


alleni axelrodi bleheri
bulolo campsii crassispinosa fasciata lorentzii pagwiensis pricei sentaniensis

affinis ajamaruensis albimarginata ammeri angfa arfakensis arguni aruensis batanta bleheri boesemani duboulayi eachamensis ericrobertsi fluviatilis goldiei herbertaxelrodi irianjaya lacustris laticlavia papuae parkinsoni parva preacox sexlineata sp_Running_River synergos wilsoni wokamensis x_1004 x_exnig

dorityi incisus
leggetti multisquamata wanamensis




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Burster Creek near Bamaga, tip of Cape York, Queensland, is a pretty typical habitat not just of Spotted blue-eyes, but also Thread-fin Rainbows, Iriatherina werneri, Black-banded Rainbows, Melanotaenia nigrans, the newly described Sahul Rainbow, M. sahulensis (similar to those from nearby Skull Creek), Chequered Rainbow, M. splendida inornata and Regal Rainbow, M. trifasciata. The submerged dense vegetation consists mainly of a small white-flowering water lily. At the end of this photo-trip with visiting Franz-Peter Müllenholz from Germany, I had lost 17kg in weight, but fear not, I found it all again since (darn it). Image F-P Müllenholz. - Gunther Schmida, 2021

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