Avalithoxus Exastilithoxus
Lithoxus Paralithoxus

Lithoxini is a recently described tribe of suckermouth armored catfishes (Loricariidae) containing four genera: Avalithoxus, Exastilithoxus, Lithoxus, and Paralithoxus (Lujan et al., 2018). Each of these genera is relatively species-poor, with one species each in Avalithoxus and Lithoxus, two in Exastilithoxus (excluding several known but undescribed species), and eight in Paralithoxus (excluding several undescribed; Eschmeyer et al., 2018). All species of Lithoxini are small (,65 mm SL) and dorsoventrally flattened (.7.2 times in standard length). Unlike most other members of the Hypostominae, members of the Lithoxini are primarily invertivores, although seeds were present in the gut of the Avalithoxus examined here. The stomach is enlarged in Lithoxus and Paralithoxus, and they are thought capable of breathing air (Armbruster, 1998). Given their small size, how dorsoventrally flattened they are, and the large size of their eggs, female Lithoxus typically carry only a few ripe eggs in each ovary (Armbruster, 1998).
Armbruster, Greene and Lujan, Copeia 106, No. 4, 2018, 671680

L_209 L_80 braueri
compta otali sabaji

Peckoltia sp. L80 (left) and Panaqolus (right)

Genera in Family : Hypostominae