The plant known as "Eriocaulaceae sp. Type II" now has a name: Rhynchospora albescens.

In the German journal Aqua Planta (4/2019): Christel Kasselmann, Dmitry Sokoloff and Galina Degtjareva identify it as Rhynchospora albescens (Miquel) Kükenthal (Cyperaceae).

It was identified by DNA analysis and microscopic examination of an inflorescence that appeared in emersed culture.

Interestingly only the tiny terrestrial form of this species was known to science, but not the much larger submerged plant. Within the genus, Rhynchospora albescens belongs to the neotropical section Dichromena, as well as Rh. colorata, the White star sedge. Documented localities of Rh. albescens are mainly in South America north of the equator, but also in Mato Grosso (Brazil), the northernmost in Costa Rica. - Massimo Iannella, 2019