Not an aquatic plant, included only as a curiosity, this Pogostemon is the source of the essential oil Patchouli.


This species is often incorrectly labeled as Pogostemon erectus. I was able to determine the correct name of our aquarium plant with herbarium material from India. The real Pogostemon erectus doesn't grow well in the aquarium. - Christel Kasselmann, Sep. 2020.


This species has a very interesting life cycle. Pogostemon helferi normally loses all submersed leaves during the rainy season in the nature. What remains are the rhizomes, which sprout again. I have also seen this several times in my aquarium. The creeping "stems" are rhizomes and the leaves break off very easily. When the water level rises in nature, all leaves break off due to the high flow speed. Only when the water level falls and the water becomes clear again, new leaves form on the old rhizomes. - Christel Kasselmann


This P. quadrifolius was introduced as aquarium plant from Laos ("stellatus Octopus"), but its main distribution is apparently the Indian subcontinent. AKA Dysophylla quadrifolia, used as medicinal plant in India.