Giant Hygro

Also called "Temple Hygro" for stories it "found in an old temple in Siam".


Water Wisteria


Hygrophila lancea 'Araguaia'

“Araguaia” is a river system in Brazil and it is under this name that the plant has become known.


Pinneate Hygrophila

Introduced after 2012 into Europe it represents the first really new Hygrophila species since H. difformis in the 1960s. Popularised by Oliver Knott who used it extensively in aquascapes.


A slow-growing, perfectly vertical, disciplined-looking species with smallish light green leaves. Doesn’t bolt for the surface in a hurry or branch at every node. Emersed plants are covered in nasty 2” long thorns making a bush of it as effective as barbed wire at deterring wannabe botanists. - Vinny Kutty