Recipes for breeding fish

There are only a fairly small number of was fish breed, it's pointless to give instructions on a per species basis, just use te right recipe!


Plants are little solar powered chemical factories that make leaves and stuff.

Phytohormones as mediators of the context dependence of mycorrhiza establishment and function. Plants adjust their phenotype according to nutrient availability, light, and other abiotic and biotic factors through precise spatio‐temporal signalling regulation. Phytohormone networks integrate plant responses to the different cues and mycorrhiza formation and function. Pozo et al (2015) Tansley Insight, New Phytologist.

Hormone homeostasis has an impact on, and is impacted by, the mycorrhizal symbiosis. Thus, the phytohormone signalling hubs may allow the plant to orchestrate the symbiosis according to its physiological needs under particular environmental conditions, and mediate the fine‐tuning of the plant response by mycorrhizas. Holistic approaches are required to understand the contribution of phytohormone signalling to the context dependence of mycorrhizal interactions and the effects of the symbiosis on plant adaptation to the ever‐changing environments. ABA, abscisic acid; Aux, auxins; BR, brassinosteroids; CKs, cytokinins; ET, ethylene; GA, gibberellins; JA, jasmonates; SA, salicylic acid; SLs, strigolactones.
- Zeatin Riboside


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